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Cheapest Wi-Fi Packages in Nakuru

Covid 19 hit and work from home plus the demand for home internet increased significantly. Having the cheapest Wi-Fi package in Nakuru is not a big deal, the issue is which wireless internet company in Nakuru has reliable internet that is fast and reliable.

In our extensive research, we list down the best Internet Service Providers that has the cheapest Wi-Fi packages in Nakuru. 

Here is a list of the Cheapest WI-Fi packages in Nakuru

Cheapest Wi-Fi Packages in Nakuru

1. Acrab Internet Company

Cheapest Wi-Fi packages in Nakuru - Acrab Internet

When it comes to the best internet service providers in Nakuru, Acrab Internet Company is among the top of the list. The company offers unlimited internet at an affordable price and has flexible installation plans to choose from. With just Ks 2,500 as service fee and choosing a monthly package of your choice, you get home Wi-Fi that is fast and reliable.

The cheapest Wi-Fi package in Nakuru is Ks 2,000 and you get 3mbps upload and 3mbps download speeds. The company has unlimited internet that is dependable upon.

Why Choose Acrab Internet Company?

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider choosing Acrab internet as your service provider in Nakuru.

  • Acrab Internet believes in giving wireless internet connection that is reliable. Be it in Nakuru, Gilgil, Njoro, Subukia or Eldoret.
  • Their business model is built on superior 24/7 service support. Acrab Internet enhanced tools gives you round-the-clock insights into your network.
  • From compliance to cost savings, Acrab Internet understands what really matters.
  • Acrab Internet company has the cheapest Wi-Fi packages in Nakuru. They also have flexible installation plans to suit each clients budget.
  • They offer unlimited internet that is fast and reliable.

Acrab Internet Coverage

If you reside in any of the following mentioned locations, you can get unlimited home internet:

Gilgil, Kikopey, Mzee wa Nyama, Barnabas, Mbaruk, Pipeline, Mwariki, Ndege Ndimu, Machini, Kiondo, Nakuru Meadowa, Works, Kawangware, Lanet Barracks, Moi Forces, Jambo, Umoja 1, Umoja 2, Kamfarm, Thigio, Al Islamia, Modern, Posta, Free Area, Kabachia, YMCA, Dog Section, Shinner, Langa Langa, London, Shabab.

Acrab Internet Installation Fee

The company has multiple flexible plans that can suit your needs depending on how much you are willing to spend. For you to get unlimited home internet connection you can choose from the following installation options;

  1. Mwanchi Plan – You pay Ks 2,500 as installation fee then choose a monthly package of your choice.
  2. Hustler Plan – You pay Ks 6,500 that covers installation fee, wireless router, and ethernet cable. If in case you have a wireless router or cat 6 cable, the price will go down significantly. The installation fee is exclusive of the monthly package.
  3. Premium Plan – You pay Ks 13,500 that is inclusive of wireless router, cat 6 cable, installation fee, outdoor equipment (either Litebeam M5, Nano station M5, or Mikrotik LHG) You then choose a monthly package of your choice.

Acrab Internet Contact Details

Phone Numbers: 0722 625 525 / 0712 144 171


Cheapest Wi-Fi Providers in Nakuru

2. Safaricom Home Fiber

Safaricom home fiber offers flexible internet connections in Kenya. Many prefer Safaricom fiber due to its low installation costs. They are limited to some parts of Nakuru, mostly around CBD.

Safaricom Fiber Home Monthly Packages

Safaricom Fiber cheapest Wi-Fi package in Nakuru is Ks 2,999 and you get 8mbps.

  • 8mbps – 2,999
  • 20mbps – 4,100
  • 40mbps – 6,299
  • 100mbps – 12,499

Safaricom Home Fiber Coverage

  • Hyrax, Mediheal, Shinners Girls, Mwariki, Naka, Milimani, Section 58, St Mary’s, Moi Flats, Kiamunyi.

How to Get Safaricom Home Fiber

After verifying that your area is covered, proceed to request connection here or simply dial *400# on your safaricom line then follow the steps.

For Help you can call 400.